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Innovative Illusions
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Paul Rudyk

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  • Hardware installation and repairs
  • Virus, trojan and malware removal
  • System/Internet setup and networking
  • Data migration, backup and recovery
  • Software installation and uninstallation
  • Computer cleaning and optimisation
  • System upgrades and hardware recycling
  • Tutoring and new purchase consulting
  • Web design and site administration
  • Website makeovers and design updates
  • Custom web-coding and scripting
  • Location service calls and shop repairs
  • Remote Assistance (Win7, Win8, Win10)
  • Complimentary telephone advice

(Windows PC systems and hardware/software)


Innovative Illusions Computer Tech Services & Web Design is an established Island business helping Gabriolans with their computers since 1998. Prior to relocating on Gabriola in the Gulf Islands, Paul Rudyk owned and operated the business for 10 years in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Beginning in 1980 with a University education in Computer Science, Paul has expanded his broad-based experience with computers, hardware and software; owning a lot of computers along the way and now specialising in Windows PCs. Consistent skills upgrading and a lifelong affinity with gadgets and technology contributes to the knowledgeable intuitive approach he applies to computer issues.

Paul offers a comprehensive range of services and encourages the client-convenience of on-location service calls, involving his clients' participation in the process, thereby enabling them to handle routine system maintenance tasks as well as learning about more advanced issues for themselves.

Innovative Illusions Computer Services has become Gabriola Island's unofficial computer call centre, dispensing complimentary do-it-yourself advice at no charge for those easy-to-solve issues that don't otherwise warrant a service call.

You can reach Paul Rudyk, Monday to Saturday — any time after 10 am at


— PC Hardware & Windows Specialist —

Prompt & Reliable Service to your Home or Business

We come to you and arrive on time! Avoid the inconvenience of extended downtime and the hassle of disconnecting cables. Observe what's done to your system and learn to resolve computer problems for yourself with easy to understand plain-language explanations.

Efficient Shop Repairs

This is the preferred option when extensive system diagnostics are involved. You're only charged for actual hands-on working time. We'll help you determine if this is the best option when you call.

Telephone and Remote Assistance

Some problems can be resolved quickly over the phone at no charge! Shop rates apply for telephone support over 15 minutes. We also offer Remote Assistance which allows full access to your system via the Internet without the need for a service call.

System Setup and Networking

Setup your computer and ensure all peripheral hardware is installed and functioning properly with optimal settings. Advanced router installations for secure encrypted Internet and file sharing.

Data Migration, Backup and Recovery

Transfer application data and user files to new or upgraded systems. Tutorial and assistance with setting up an efficient and reliable data backup schedule. Recovery of valuable data lost (or inaccessible) due to hard drive failure or system crashes, using forensic file recovery utilities.

Hardware Installation and Repairs

Competitive prices on new components, and an eclectic supply of used parts for affordable repairs to older systems. We'll order and install any parts you require, as well as installing user-supplied items.

Software Install and Uninstall

Software is easier to install these days than ever, but sometimes poorly designed software may cause havoc on a system, requiring special attention. We help to get everything working properly again!

Virus, Trojan and Malware Removal

Part of the process of malware removal is also reversing the damage it inflicts. Some malware is nastier than others and we'll utilise the most efficient methods and tools when resolving the problem.

Computer Cleaning and System Optimisation

Computers circulate air and filter dust, limiting the effectiveness of cooling, resulting in damage from overheating. In our rural island environment a thorough cleaning is recommended yearly. This is also a good time for a system performance tune-up to ensure everything is functioning at optimal levels.

System Upgrades and Hardware Recycling

We can revitalise older systems with cost-effective upgrades; and when the time comes to dispose of your old computer we'll ensure it's kept out of the landfill and recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Personal Tutoring

Providing one-on-one beginner and intermediate level tutoring to help you get the most from your computer, software and peripherals; explained in layman terms, progressing at your own pace.

New Purchase Consulting

When considering new purchases we'll help you navigate the daunting choices, techno-jargon, and cost versus feature options. We don't sell computer systems, so you get unbiased advice!

Innovative Illusions
— The Island Computer Specialist —

Innovative Illusions
— The Island Computer Specialist —

Computer Tech Services:

On-Location* Service Calls:
Shop Work (by appointment):
Internet Remote Assistance:
Telephone Support (10am-6pm):
Computer Cleaning (shop only):


*minimum 1 hour billing - no charge for travel time


Graphics and Web Design:

All Graphic Design Work:
Web Design* and Coding:


*the first hour of web design consulting is complimentary and credited to initial invoice

We do website makeovers!

Computer Tune-Up Package:

Computer Cleaning & System Optimisation (shop only):$145

  • thorough cleaning inside tower case and power supply
  • inspect cooling fans and heatsinks - clean if necessary
  • tighten and re-route internal cables for efficient airflow
  • scan hard drive for errors and defragment for faster performance
  • clean start-up applications & compact registry to maximise resources
  • scan for potential hard drive issues with professional diagnostic tools
  • delete orphan temporary files, scan for Malware, and much more…!


Web Design

  • Unique custom websites designed to your specifications; we can also affordably redesign, update, or makeover your existing website
  • Affordable Template Designs — professional websites at a fraction of the cost — purchase a design from (as low as $69!) and we'll customise it with your graphics and text content
  • Website Maintenance, Webmaster and Administration services
  • Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimisation for maximum exposure

Graphic Design

  • Original Logos
  • Custom Graphics
  • Web and Print Formats
  • Business Marketing Materials
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Image Retouching
  • Business Cards

— a sampling of some recent website designs (click to view)

The Flying Shingle Vijnana Flo Yoga RealEscape


Hours of Operation:

Service Calls:
Shop Work:
By Email:

Monday–Saturday, 10am–6pm
Please call for appointment
Request help anytime!

Contact Information:


We make service calls anywhere on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. We also service Mudge Island with client-provided marine transportation from Green Wharf.

Minimum 1 hour billing for service calls. There is no charge for travel time.

Innovative Illusions
— The Island Computer Specialist —